Season 3 – Round 1 Event Coverage by Driving Line

Check out the full coverage and over 100 must-see photos from the Round 1 event by Driving Line.

The crew from Track Monsters and Ruthless Squad worked swiftly and was able to complete a clutch replacement job in the pits to get their driver Ronnie Vajdak back in action.
Byron Lee, and others, lining up in pre-grid before their next session.
Tom-Attack and Matt Rojana giving Dominic Bautista a tow to pre-grid.





VTEC Club is an all-Honda time-trial series that is based in the road-courses of Southern California. We are proud to be the host of the largest and most active competitors for a one-make time trial series and we welcome all driving levels to take part and experience the fun, friendly, and competitive atmosphere of the VTEC Club series.