Season 3 – ASR Day x Round 3 Chuckwalla Recap


The #ASRday x Round 3 event was held on April 30, 2016 at the fast and twisty Chuckwalla Valley race track. The day was filled with great battles for podium spots where new class records were shattered and re-claimed. The excitement from this track day experience was shared both on and off the track as the camaraderie continues to be strong among this group of Honda enthusiasts. There was no shortage of dedication displayed as we saw people making as long as an 8 hour drive from Northern California to the Chuckwalla Valley desert. This type of commitment and passion for the sport is what has fueled the series to grow stronger in numbers and in spirit.

We had the honor of having our partners from ASR Parts co-host the event where they also debuted their new Group-N spec EG Civic, which is now sporting a new ASR livery. They also held a raffle where they gave out a variety of their racing products and gears – one of the lucky winners even took home a full ASR rear anti-sway bar kit! (Congrats Ryan Fellure!) ASR also presented unique trophy/plaques they designed using their high quality sub-frame braces. It is an honor to have partners like ASR who continue to support the motorsport community by showing their involvement and developing quality racing products.

ASR Parts new Group-N time attack Civic.

Group N2 had the largest amount of  drivers with 18 in attendance. This class is known for its wild battles among D-series Civics and Non-vtec Integras. In 3rd place, Ryan Constantino finished with a time of 2:10.762, which he was able to set during the final session of the day in his Advan-themed EF Civic. For 2nd place we have Duane Bada with a time of 2:09.634 in yet another EF Civic. And in 1st place we have none other than Robert Choo from Chewerks, with a blistering fast time of 2:07.717 (new class record) in his D-series powered EG Civic. This group of drivers are continuously upping the ante and are setting a great example by showing that a high budget build is not always necessary to set respectable and fast times.

Robert Choo – 1st place – 2:07.717
Duane Bada – 2nd place – 2:09.634
Ryan Constantino – 3rd place – 2:10.762


Group N had a total of 16 drivers in attendance. This is a class where S2000s and FFs are able to battle it out and are limited to having street tires without the use of aero elements. David Ishida in his AP2 S2000 was able to set a time of 2:05.205, giving him the 3rd place position for podium. In 2nd place, Sean Mulyanto, who was plagued with car issues that weekend, somehow managed to still put up a time of 2:05.185. And in 1st place, we have Scotty-to-hotty Dukeshire in his Acura TSX with a blazing time of 2:04.953, which is officially the new class record for Group N! It’s amazing to see what Scott in his TSX can do, knowing that the car is still at full trim and equipped with all the modern futures such as A/C, full stereo, and interior.

Scott Dukeshire – 1st place – 2:04.953


David Ishida – 3rd place – 2:05.205

Group A2 had a total of 10 drivers in attendance. A2 is a class where drivers are allowed to choose between running a set of race compound tires or full aero. In 3rd place, Joel Etrata in his K-powered Integra sedan was able to cap off the day with a time of 2:03.739. And in 2nd place, Ronnie Vajdak of Track Monsters, who made the trek all the way from NorCal, finished with a time of 2:02.610 in his B-series powered Integra. For 1st place, we have last year’s A2 champ, Matt Rojana who clocked in a time of 2:00.099 (new class record), barely missing the sub-2 window!

Matt Rojana – 1st place – 2:00.099
Ronnie Vajdak – 2nd place – 2:02.610
Joel Etrata – 3rd place – 2:03.739

Group A had a total of 5 drivers. This class serves as our unlimited class where anything goes. Tom Liang , in his K-powered EF Civic, was able to finish with a time of 2:00.510, placing him in 3rd place. And in 2nd, we have Nik Romano in the F-powered Miata by Indotech. Nik stole the 2nd place position from Tom when he was able to set his new personal best during the last and final session of the day with a time of 2:00.044. Finally, in 1st place, we have none other than Mr. Phil Robles with his immaculate EG Civic which features a K series power plant. Phil made the trek from Arizona to join us in our track shenanigans and to also show us what a properly setup and driven FF car can do by putting up the fastest time of the day with a 1:59.215!

Phil Robles – 1st place – 1:59.215
Nik Romano – 2nd place – 2:00.044
Tom Attack – 3rd place – 2:00.510

We’re glad to see that the spirit of competition is alive and well amongst our drivers. With many new drivers continually entering the series, it is only a matter of time until we see more new names bump up into the top positions. Our next event is on May 28 when we will be returning to the Streets of Willow track where the fun and on-track battles continue for the Vtec Club USA series.  

Class winners of the #ASRday x Round 3 event!

More photos from the event can be found on our Facebook page.
Photo credit: The Apex Theory


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