Safety Guidelines


All safety regulations will be enforced and inspected by the appointed safety-stewards prior to the car entering the track. Those who fail to comply will be disqualified from the competition.


  1. Seats & harnesses
  • Replacement of driver and passenger seats with an alternate seat is permitted. Tube and cloth style seats not recommended.
  • Driver and passenger seat must be mounted securely enough to withstand a major impact. An SFI or FIA approved race seat is recommended.
  • The OEM 3-point seat belt or a Schroth brand 4-point harness with ASM Technology must be used with the stock OEM seat only.
  • If a car is equipped with a fixed-back race seat, then a 5 or 6 point harness is required. No 4-point or stock seat belt allowed.
  • Harnesses must be in good condition, properly worn, latched and adjusted, and securely mounted onto a harness bar, roll bar, or roll cage only. An SFI or FIA approved race harness is recommended. Lap belt should be worn low and tight across pelvis/pelvic bones. Shoulder belts must have individual mounting points and should not be angled more than 20 degrees from horizontal. Clip-in harnesses must be pinned or wired to prevent release.
  1. Roll cage & roll bars
  • All roll cage/roll bars must be constructed of round magnetic seamless steel tubing and welded. Individual components may be bolted in place. The roll cage/roll bar may be welded or bolted to the chassis structure.
  • The roll cage/roll bar must be constructed to normal professional industry standards. All bends must be smooth and continuous with no signs of crimping or material failure
  • Portions of the roll cage that have the potential to come into contact with the driver or passenger should be padded. Areas that could be impacted by the helmet should be padded with padding meeting SFI 45.1
  • If a 6-point ( or more ) roll cage is installed, a race seat and proper race harness must be used.
  • All roll cage/roll bars require the approval of a VTEC Club safety-steward.
  1. Miscellaneous
  • It is highly recommended that all drivers must wear a properly fitted Snell SA2005 or higher rated helmet.
  • Unless required by the track, long sleeved shirts and long pants made of non-synthetic fabric (i.e. cotton) are recommended for all drivers and passengers. No tank tops while on track.
  • Closed toed shoes are required while on track.
  • Use of fire suits are highly recommended.
  • The use of a head and neck restraint or neck collar is highly recommended to all drivers.
  • It is the responsibility of the driver to properly install, maintain and ensure proper functioning of all safety equipment.
  • All drivers are required to fill-in, sign, and date the required tech waiver forms by the track host.