Instructions for the Round 4 Event at Streets of Willow (CW) – 05/28/16

Hello Vtec Clubbers! 

Here is the event schedule for Saturday’s Round 4 event.

Event schedule – 05/28/16

Please be ON-TIME. We are starting the day very early and we are looking to have registration open by 6:30AM. It will be your responsibility to arrive early to ensure that you have ample time to get thru registration and have your car and equipment situated.

As always, we will have our own registration line to help speed up the process of getting checked in. Please correctly fill out the Extreme Speed waiver form and the VTEC Club tech form before you line up for your wrist band. Both forms can be found along the tables inside the registration building. The tech form is also available for download and can be found under FAQs. Once both forms are completed and you have acquired your wrist band, you will then need to hand the tech form over to the timing staff where your information will be logged in to the system.

We will be running three Vtec Club run groups with the time cutoff:

  • Vtec Club Red – 1:29 & faster (Advance)
  • Vtec Club Purple – 1:30 to 1:35 (Intermediate high)
  • Vtec Club Silver – 1:36 & up (Intermediate low)

As before, cars/drivers may be switched around despite lap times at our discretion, as well as to even out the run group numbers. Please listen for announcements and check your times and the posted grid sheets.

Pre-grid will begin shortly after sending out the run group prior to your own session, so again, please be attentive to announcements, instructions, and the event schedule.

Photo by Honda Tuning Magazine

All beginners will be placed in the beginner run group and must be present for the mandatory beginner’s meeting. Elgibility to move into Intermediate low may be possible if time(s) and driving reflect elgibility. Please see Duane Bada or any Vtec Club staff if you have any requests or questions about the grid order.

Everyone has done a fantastic job following instructions in our recent events, which have resulted many successful and organized events. We hope to see the same collective effort continue! As always, let’s set some fast times, meet some new friends, and above all, HAVE FUN!


Photo by Honda Tuning Magazine



VTEC Club is an all-Honda time-trial series that is based in the road-courses of Southern California. We are proud to be the host of the largest and most active competitors for a one-make time trial series and we welcome all driving levels to take part and experience the fun, friendly, and competitive atmosphere of the VTEC Club series.