2016 Season 3 – Round 2 Big Willow Recap

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April 16, 2016 marked as our Round 2 event for VTEC Club Season 3, and was held at the famous Big Willow track at Willow Springs International Raceway. Known for being as the fastest road in the west, this track created a perfect setting for those seeking high-speed thrills in a controlled environment. We had a total of 58 drivers in attendance and saw many new faces and cars, which is always exciting for us to see.

Group A – 8 drivers

Tom “Attack” Liang lead the way with a fast time of 1:29.822, and also setting the fastest time of the day. Tom’s K20a-powered EF is a great example of what a properly built FF, along with great driving, can do in this competition. In second place we have Edo Stepanyan in another K-powered EF (CRX) with a time of 1:33.828. Edo is a seasoned driver and also has a record-breaking (DA) Integra which we hope to see competing with us in the near future. And for third place, we have Alex Zhao from Arcane Wheels with a time of 1:36.001 in his new S2000 project. We know that his car will soon be going through a few changes which we’re sure will give everyone in Group-A some trouble, so keep your eyes peeled for this one!

Group A2 – 10 drivers

There were a few new challengers in Group A2, and one of them took the pole position which ended Matt Rojana‘s winning streak. Chris Elders, a well known track enthusiast in the S2K community piloted his machine to a blazing time of 1:29.975, winning first place and also setting the new record for Group A2 at Big Willow. For second place, we have Matt Rojana, from Ballade Sports, who was able to set a new personal best time of 1:30.770. Matt held the previous record at this track so it’s amazing to see the continuous growth that his driving, and car, is going through. In third place, we have another new challenger, Dustin Dessero, who is also a seasoned S2K driver, with a fast time of 1:31.039. We are loving the close competition in this class and we are looking forward to more close battles between the top drivers.

Group N – 22 drivers

In first place, we have Amir Bentatou, who shattered the previous Group-N record at this track by 2.8 seconds in his immaculate NSX with a time of 1:32.899. We’re glad to see the continuous progress of this car and we hear (pun intended) that it has something new for the next event. For second place, we have Sean Mulyanto in his S2000 with a time of 1:33.985. This is a new personal best time for Sean, who once held the record for Group N. In third place, Alan Jaquias secured his first podium finish with a time of 1:36.061, almost breaking in into the :35 mark!

Group N2 – 19 drivers

With a total of 19 drivers, Group N2 was the second biggest field during our Round 2 event. First place was captured by Duane Bada, who ran a 1:40.413 during the final session in his EF Civic. He was plagued by a distributor issue in the early sessions but was luckily saved when the local parts-store had what he needed to get back on track. In second place, Tomas Perez, one of our newest competitors this season was only a few tenths off from first with a time of 1:40.785. This is Tomas’ first time at Big Willow and we can bet that he still has a second or two left to shave off with his current setup. And in third place, Robert Choo from Chewerks, clocked in a time of 1:41.040 in the morning session but had an unfortunate short day¬† when his engine suffered a spun bearing during one of his hotlaps. We’re sure that Rob has something planned to get his N2 car ready and set for the next round.


Photo credit: Kelly Palomaki


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