2016 Season 3 – Round 1 Streets of Willow Recap

The VTEC Club series is a unique and special competition that creates joy and enthusiasm in all our drivers who come to do what they love and to share that experience with like-minded people. This past weekend was either the first track event for some people or the first time experiencing what it felt like to be part of a track community. The day started early and a sense of reunion filled the morning air as many familiar faces approached and engaged with other fellow drivers. An abundance of new faces also made their way out to the Streets of Willow track. Some came to track their cars, while others came to spectate, hoping to soon be a part of this community we built. It is always a great pleasure to see such strong support by those who are involved in the series. We couldn’t have asked for a better kick-off for this new season, and we can only imagine how great this year will be for everyone. On behalf of the VTEC Club committee, we want to congratulate and welcome everyone who came out to our Round 1 of the 2016 VTEC Club series!


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Group A – 6 drivers

1st place: Nik Romano – 1:24.336 – F22C Miata

2nd place: Tom “Attack” Liang – 1:24.504 – K20 EF Civic.

3rd place: Jay Valle – 1:24.925 – K20 EK Civic sedan

Group A2 – 15 drivers

1st place: Matt Rojana – 1:24.343 – AP2 S2000

2nd place: Ronnie Vajdak – 1:25.727 – B18c Integra

3rd place: Hoang Pham – 1:27.156 – RSX

Group N – 35 drivers

1st place: Sean Mulyanto – 1:25.480 – AP1 S2000

2nd place: Amir Bentatou – 1:27.738 – NA1 NSX

3rd place: David Ishida – 1:27.841 – AP2 S2000

Group N2 – 24 drivers

1st place: Roger Pompa – 1:29.428 – B18B1 DC Integra

2nd place: Robert Choo – 1:30.012 – D16z6 EG Civic

3rd place: Duane Bada – 1:30.551 – D16a6 EF Civic


VTEC Club is an all-Honda time-trial series that is based in the road-courses of Southern California. We are proud to be the host of the largest and most active competitors for a one-make time trial series and we welcome all driving levels to take part and experience the fun, friendly, and competitive atmosphere of the VTEC Club series.