Instructions – Round 1, Feb 28, 2016 at Streets of Willow

Hello everyone!

Please read carefully and review the following information that we have provided for the upcoming Round 1 event at Streets of Willow.

As always, head to registration as soon as you arrive at the track. Registration will be open at 7:00AM sharp! We are not responsible for any inconvenience that may arise if you are to arrive late. Be sure to fill out your Vtec Club sign-up sheet LEGIBLY, this form can be found near the registration table at the event. More importantly, please do not miss the driver’s meeting for important information about the track day.

We will have three designated Vtec Club run groups for this event:

  • Group 1 (Advance) – 1:29 and faster
  • Group 2 (Intermediate high) – 1:30 to 1:35
  • Group 3 (Intermediate low/beginners) – 1:36 and above

These time cut offs are tentative based on run group size, so be sure to check the time sheets to find out which group you fall into and to see if you moved groups. Anyone in the beginner group is encouraged to seek out one of the instructors to stay safe, get up to speed, and learn some new techniques to work on!

Please listen for announcements or pay attention to the schedule as well as which group is on track. Just as before, we will start pre-gridding when the previous group goes out. The pre-grid area will be located at the back end of the parking lot. We will be posting a map shortly to direct everyone. DO NOT BE LATE TO PRE-GRID. Being late to pre-grid may result in starting at the very back of your run group. When arriving to pre-grid, look for one of the grid staff to assign you your number, and then you will be guided into your grid spot, aided by another grid worker. We would like to be fully gridded before your session begins so that we can get into the hot pits and be ready to launch when our session goes hot. Your cooperation is much appreciated and please do not be afraid to ask any questions you may have.

See you all at Round 1. Be safe, have fun and set some PB’s!


– Tom Liang


VTEC Club is an all-Honda time-trial series that is based in the road-courses of Southern California. We are proud to be the host of the largest and most active competitors for a one-make time trial series and we welcome all driving levels to take part and experience the fun, friendly, and competitive atmosphere of the VTEC Club series.